Dollhouse Miniatures including antique reproduction porcelain dollhouse dishes, dolls,fairies,& accessories for use in dolls houses and scale miniature scenes. Originals and reproductions by IGMA Fellow, Marsha Hedrick

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Dollhouse Miniatures reproduction R.S. Prussia Tea Set
Doll house Miniatures from Porcelain Fantasies.   Highly collectable reproduction R.S. Prussia hand painted porcelain dollhouse dishes. These amazing porcelains are hand sculpted by IGMA Fellow . Then they are cast in porcelain and hand painted to resemble the antique originals. These pieces are some of the most fancy and decorative miniatures available.  There are also many other dollhouse miniature dishes that feature designs inspired by antique china.  Designs ranging from the Victorian era to Art Deco and Art Nouveau.  Here you will find fine china dishes and porcelains to highlight and excentuate almost any miniature setting.  

Please visit the Miniatures Shopping area to order these pieces.  I work primarily from orders and the sooner you order the sooner you will get your pieces.  This also gives you time to save up for your purchases as it will usually take anywhere from 6-12 months for you to get to the top of the orders and for your pieces to be finished.  Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Do you want a special dinner set for you doll house?  You can order one here with just the pieces you want with exactly the pattern you want, hand painted on exquisitly crafted miniature porcelain dishes.  Just visit the Order My Dinner Set page for more information on exactly how to do it.

Other porcelain miniatures presented on this web site include Fairys, Fantasy Dolls, affordable hand painted porcelain dollhouse dishes, amazing miniature capodimonte style porcelain flower arrangements, and other doll house accessories in 1 inch to the foot scale and half inch to the foot scale.

Are you interested in Native American Pottery in miniature?  As a registered member of the Choctaw Tribe of Oklahoma, Marsha also makes authentic Native American pottery miniatures.  Most of her Native American Pottery miniatures are made using Native Clay which she digs herself.  Most of these pieces are reproductions of ancient artifacts.  Many are suitable for use in 1 inch to the foot scale scenes.  Own some authentic Native American Pottery in miniature.  You can find the pottery miniatures on her Native American site Natika's Native American Art  Be sure to read the sizes of the pottery as it ranges from inch scale miniatures to full size pots.

Marsha also makes fine hand painted porcelain jewelry and beads.  The jewelry and beads cover a broad range of styles.  There are many pieces that come directly from her work in miniatures and will offer you an opportunity to show off miniature pieces that are not in your dollhouse or miniature scenes.   To see the jewelry and beads please visit Amazing Porcelain

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All of the amazing porcelain on these pages is individually handpainted and made by the artist, Marsha Hedrick.