Doll house miniature fine china with a hand painted design of roses surrounded by black. Hand made and painted by IGMA Fellow Marsha Hedrick

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Black Rose

Black Rose0
The Black Rose design shown on these dollhouse miniatures, features pink roses surrounded on at least one side by black. The black can be in the form of a border or can be an all over ground.

These pieces are trimmed in liquid brite gold. The contrast of the black makes the roses stand out and makes for a very striking piece.

Most of my china shapes can be ordered with the Black Rose design.  To see all of the pieces I've previously painted with this design use the search feature in the shop and search for 'Roses & Black' in the pattern search.

Black Rose1
With this snack set you can see the variant of the design with the black completely surrounding the roses.  The style of the design is generally dependant on the shape of the piece.

This design tends to be one of the more expensive designs because the black areas must be painted and fired several times to achieve a good solid black.  This increases the time and electricity required to make them.