Dollhouse miniature fine china with a hand painted Streurosen, or tiny rose, or sprinkled rose design. Hand made and hand painted miniature porcelain by Marsha Hedrick, IGMA Fellow

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The Streurosen ( sprinkled roses ) design on these dollhouse miniature pieces is similar to that found on R.S. Tillowitz china which was made around 1916 thru about 1938.  It is also similar to some of the designs found on Chintz china.

The tiny roses scattered across the surface of the white china makes a clean appealing design. These pieces are highlighted with liquid brite gold applied on the edges and handles.

Most of my dollhouse china shapes can be ordered with the Streurosen design.  To find all of the pieces that I have painted with this pattern so far you can use the search function in the shop and search for the pattern 'Roses-Streurosen'