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On the miniature scene in the USA since 1996 Marsha has focused on the exquisite Miniature China, creating new original sculptures to recreate in miniature some of the fanciest antique porcelains. Ever striving to expand and improve her art, Marsha is continually adding new pieces and new types of porcelain artwork to her product line.  All of the artwork is individually handmade entirely by Marsha.

In 2000 after much coaxing from one of her customers Marsha applied for and received Artisan Status from the International Guild of Miniature Artisans, IGMA.  Then in 2002, after the minium 2 years as an artisan, she applied for and received Fellow status from the IGMA.

In 1994 she began creating the Tiny Fantasies collection.  This is a series of fantasy characters that are much smaller than the Fairyland characters.  The Tiny Fantasies characters were envisioned as fill in characters to be used to fill out a fantasy scene.  These characters were designed so that they could be sold at a price which would allow the collector to include several of them in a larger fantasy scene.  For these reasons the majority of the Tiny Fantasies characters are limited only by the fact that all are individually handmade by the artist.

In 1992 after returning from Australia Marsha began creating her Fairyland Dolls collections.  This is a series of collections of 1 inch scale fantasy character dolls.  The collections are grouped by the type of character and each character is produced in a Limited Edition.  Marsha also began creating hand painted china for the miniature collector in 1992.  Her china is produced from molds falling into two broad categories;  Original sculpture, and Reduction.  For more clarification on these terms please refer to the FAQ page.

After using commercial molds for about 3 years she was encouraged to try her hand at making her own original sculpture dolls.  The first dolls which resulted from her own sculptures were made in 1990.  In 1991 she created the Forest Fairies Collection for the miniature fair in Adelaide, South Australia.  The Forest Fairies are a collection of 20 1" scale children fairies produced in a Limited Edition of 25 each.

Marsha began working with porcelain in 1986 while living in the Australian Outback. Her first creations were large dolls made from commercial molds.  As she became comfortable with the medium her love of miniatures led her to the world of dollhouse dolls created from commercial molds.