Miniature reproductions of R.S. Prussia Fine China designs. Hand made and hand painted by IGMA Fellow Marsha Hedrick.

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R.S. Prussia

R.S. Prussia0
These dollhouse miniature pieces are all made from original sculptures by Marsha Hedrick. The designs on this page are intended to be reproductions of R.S. Prussia China as presented in the Collector's Encyclopedia of R.S. Prussia China. The teaset shown to the left is the first piece that was made in this collection.  It has proven to be a very popular selection and led to expanding the colletion.  This teaset was first made available in  the year 2000 along with a matching chocolate pot and a couple of the fancy plates.

These pieces are available in a variety of designs. The gold used on these pieces is a burnished gold. Burnished gold is more expensive due to its high gold content and has a richer satin finish than liquid brite gold.

These pieces may all be ordered through the Shopping Cart and can be found in the Antique Reproduction category

R.S. Prussia1
This Chocolate set was first made available in 2001.  It had come in second in a contest that was run for suggesting the shape of the next piece to be created.  Marsha loved this design so much that she made it as well as the winning piece.  In the end this one has been much more popular than the winning piece so it was apparently a good choice.  It is available in several designs which can be found in the Antique Reproduction section of the shop.