Making Capodimonte style candlesticks in 1 inch scale. This Video shows Marsha making the tiny roses and attaching them to a candlestick.

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Making Capodimonte

Making Capodimonte0
In this little video you can see how I make these little candlesticks.  I start with pouring the candlesticks.  They are poured with porcelain slip in a mold I made myself.  I then clean off the seam lines and any imperfections.  Next I begin making the leaves and roses which you will see in this video.  The clay that I use for the roses and leaves is porcelain it is my own formulation that is very slow to dry and very plastic so it doesn't crack and crumble when making these tiny flowers.  In the video you will see me make one leaf, one rose and then attach the roses and leaves to the candlestick.  After the leaves and flowers are attached to the candlestick they will become hard and brittle as the candlestick will absorb the medium that retards the drying process so they must be handled very carefully until they are fired.  After this the candlestick is ready for firing.  It is fired to over 2000F or about 1200C in an electric kiln.  You can see more of the capodimonte miniatures in the Capodimonte section of the shop.  Check the page in the gallery section to find out more about the history of Capodimonte and the inspiration for these pieces.